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I transferred the rights of this plugin (in April, 2016). Please, follow the links below to visit the official documentation.

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Since 1.7, FEEDZY RSS Feeds provide some hooks (see Function Reference/apply filters) to let you tweak the plugin for your needs.

Available Hooks

  • filter: feedzy_feed_items
  • filter: feedzy_item_keyword
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_output
  • filter: feedzy_title_output
  • filter: feedzy_meta_args
  • filter: feedzy_meta_output
  • filter: feedzy_summary_input
  • filter: feedzy_summary_output
  • filter: feedzy_global_output
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_sizes
  • filter: feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
  • filter: feedzy_default_image
  • filter: feedzy_default_error
  • filter: shortcode_atts_feedzy_default
  • native filter: wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime

Note: the $feedURL argument (variable which contains the displayed feed URL) is available for every hooks, but is always optional. Use it for more targeted tweaks.



Remove links

Here is a simple function which uses REGEX to remove link, but keep the anchor content:


We’re now going to use this function with the Feedzy hooks:


Do not remove HTML tags from the summary and/or use the item content instead of it description


Remove the end hellip


Add a read more link


Use your own CSS and dequeue the default plugin CSS style sheet

You have to put your CSS rules in your own CSS file.


Use inline CSS and dequeue the default plugin CSS style sheet


Display the feed in a horizontal layout (with scrollbar)


Change cache lifetime for a specific feed


Decode item title with HTML Entities


Handle meta feed

By default, the line of meta (name of the author and publication date) are displayed through a list of arguments:

You can change these arguments through feedzy_meta_args hook and only display the author’s name or date, select the date and time format.

Or simpler if you want to change a single parameter. Here the author’s name is hidden for all feeds.


Display item if it content contains specific keywords


Display items in a random order


Change thumbs size and aspect ratio


Edit the blacklist image name (to prevent fetching smileys)


Change default feedzy shortcode parameters values


Questions, Comments or Suggestions? Feel free to ask!


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