WordPress addict and self-taught. I enjoy to learn and to create, then to share… I love my job!

Co-founder and speaker of the association WP Rennes, I like to share my passion for the web.

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More than 30 WordPress sites made and at least as many satisfied customers!
Produced in 2021
Tudual Hervieux – Facteurs de bombardes en luthiers
Produced in 2021
Produced in 2020
Première Personne Production
Produced in 2020
Loftdesign Home

What if we worked together?

With more than 10 years of experience in consulting and website developpement, I specialized in creating rich and powerful websites with WordPress.

A web project, whatever it is, requires know-how and reflection. I work with you to make your ambitions come true!

My role is to accompany you, to advise you and to make you aware of the problematics of a website. My goal is to create with you the website you need to develop and promote your business and your image.

They trusted me!