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I transferred the rights of this plugin (in April, 2016). Please, follow the links below to visit the official documentation.

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Detect Adblock and nofity users. Help to block adblock (eg: Adblock Plus) and increase your ad revenue.
Adblock Notify is a very easy to use plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. A smart dashboard widget with counter & statistics is included!


Plugin Capabilities

  • Detect adBlocker (eg Adblock Plus)
  • Random selectors and files name to prevent adblock to block the plugin
  • Custom notification message with jQuery Popup (Reveal by ZURB) or Javascript redirect
  • Replace blocked ads by custom message
  • Three available options to notify your users
  • Help you increase your ads income with a passive approach
  • Responsive design friendly
  • Enqueue scripts & CSS files only when necessary
  • Fully integrated in your theme design
  • User Friendly
  • Many design options & custom CSS available
  • Smooth admin panel for an easy and fast setup (thanks to Titan Framework)
  • Statistics on you WordPress Dashboard
  • Show you how many visitors deactivate their ad blocker after reading your custom messages
  • Follow WordPress best practices
  • Support for all kind of ads, included asynchronous
  • Support Images, shortcodes and more (eg: PayPal donate button)
  • Use cookie for a better user UI
  • Cross browser detection
  • Remove settings from database on plugin uninstall


Please ask for help or report bugs if anything goes wrong. It is the best way to make the community benefit!



WordPress requirement

  • WordPress 3.7+ (not tested on above versions, but should works)
Disable your adblocker to see the real ad or enable it to see the custom replacement message.

Modal popup - Adblock Notify Plugin for WordPress


  • Your server configuration needs to allow allow_url_fopen (see PHP.ini – allow_url_fopen=On) or at least CURL (fallback)
  • Your “/uploads” directory needs to be CHMOD to 0664 (Don’t worry, it is the default CHMOD)
  • May not work properly with cache system (depend on parameters)
  • Need your visitors to have Javascript activated (“no js” option included)

Getting started

  • Upload and activate the plugin
  • Click on the “Adblock Notify” menu
  • Follow instructions, every option is documented 😉

Plugin installation - Adblock Notify Plugin for WordPress

How the plugin works

You can notify users with an activated Adblocker software by THREE ways !

  • A pretty cool and lightweight Modal Box with a custom content : the COMPLIANT solution
  • A simple redirection to the page of your choice : the AGRESSIVE solution
  • A custom alternative message where your hidden ads would normally appear : the TRANSPARENT solution

Only one of the two first options can be activated at the same time. The third one is standalone and can be setting up independently.
You can easily switch between them without losing your options.

Adblock Notify nativally uses cookies for a better user experience and a less intrusive browsing of your site. It means visitors will see the Modal Box only once or be redirected to your custom page once.
You can deactivate them, however if your visitor has an activated adblocker software they will see a modal box or get a redirection on every visited page.

Adblock Notify Stats widget is available on your admin dashboard (if not visible, go to the top menu and visit “Screen Options”).

Alternative Message

You can insert a custom message where your hidden ads would normally appear by clonning orignal ads div containers.

Note: Some minimal HTML knowledge is required to set up this functionality.


What does “Clone ad container” mean?

It means you can ask Adblock Notify Plugin to copy the CSS properties of the element that contains your ad to a new element which will not be hidden by an adblocker software. With this process, your design should not break.
The new element will be the same type (DIV,SPAN,etc.) as its source, and will have the .an-alternative class.

Available options are:

  • Custom Mode: Will try to catch all the CSS rules defined in your theme files, and let you choose which ones to keep (see Custom Mode CSS properties).
  • Soft Mode (Recommended): Will try to catch all the CSS rules defined in your theme files, and add them to the new created element. If the browser does not support this feature, it will try Hard Mode fetching.
  • Hard Mode: Will try to fetch all the elements CSS rules based on browser CSS compilation (not reading directly in your CSS files). This option may add a lot of inline CSS rules to your newly created element.

This feature is performed through Javascript (+jQuery) and is 95% functional on all modern browser even on IE8+. For the 5% left, the plugin will drop potential JS errors and insert .an-alternative div.
Tested and works great on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8+


What’s appended if I don’t turn on this option?

The plugin will append a new “clean” DIV element with .an-alternative class just before the advert container. You can add your own custom rules with the Custom CSS field.

Advert replacement - Adblock Notify Plugin for WordPress

Stats widget - Adblock Notify Plugin for WordPress

Stats Widget (WordPress Dashboard Widget)

This widget display total pages views and total pages views with an adblocker software activated. It also display how many visitors deactivate their ad blocker after reading your custom messages.

It display the data within cool donuts charts for a quick understanding.

The line chart gives you the past week history.


Supported languages

  • English [en_US]
  • French [fr_FR]
  • Serbian [sr_RS] – Thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic – firstsiteguide.com
  • Russian [ru_Ru] – Thanks to Ivanka



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