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I transferred the rights of this plugin (in April, 2016). Please, follow the links below to visit the official documentation.

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Want to use Adblock Notify modal box only in some pages? Since v1.1, the new an_prepare hook now makes it possible.

This hook steps in during the plugin parameters injection in the DOM. Settings are JSON serialized to be easily retrieved by Javascript, so we can filter the JSON after it has been generated. That way, we modify the settings used by the Javascript plugin functions with a simple regular expression (REGEX).

The following filter is really simple to use, you only have to paste it somewhere in your theme and specify the page(s) ID.



You can also display the modal box on some page types only:


Obviously, no matter which plugin options you choose, if you have disabled “Modal Box or Redirection”, the modal box will always appear in your pages.

If you’re not familiar with Adblock Notify click here for details 😉


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