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Here is a small tip to let you disable some post formats within your child theme.
The hook must be attached to the after_setup_theme event.

At first I used the init event but it is not a good practice because it overrides every potential clean function which may used this hook without considering priority.

The init event is not the “magical” solution, it is the slacker’ one :p

Note that the hook priority is set to 11, it is the lowest you can use to make this hook works properly.

As a reminder, here is the default supported post formats :

  • default (obviously, it can’t be disable)
  • aside
  • gallery
  • link
  • image
  • quote
  • status
  • video
  • audio
  • chat

If you want to disable all the list at once, simpy use remove_theme_support(‘post-formats’)

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