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Since WP Plugin Info Card 2.5, you can now use the new wp-pic-query shortcode to perform query like on the WordPress.org repository or in your admin area. This shortcode uses the same shortcode parameters as the original one (wp-pic), but you can use extra parameters to filter out what you need. Plugins or themes by author, by tags, by user favorites, etc.

The shortcode will render a list of cards based on the style you choose.


How to use the WPPIC query shortcode

Here is the new shortcode parameters – added in 2.5

  • search: A search term. Default empty.
  • tag: Tag to filter themes/plugins. Comma separated list. Default empty.
  • author: Username of an author to filter themes/plugins. Default empty.
  • user: Username to query for their favorites. Default empty.
  • browse: Browse view: ‘featured’, ‘popular’, ‘updated’, ‘favorites’.
  • per_page: Number of themes/plugins per query (page). Default 24.
  • cols: Columns layout to use: ‘2’, ‘3’. Default empty (none).

Then use the default wp-pic shortcode parameters



Plugin by author (automattic) limit to 6 items with a two columns render



Plugin by user favorits collection limit to 4 with a two columns render



Popular plugins limit to 6 items with whitout column



Themes by author (wordpressdotorg) with a two columns render



Themes by tags (dark & four-columns) limit to 4 items with a two columns render



Themes by tag (buddypress) limit to 2 items without columns



Themes by search term limit to 4 items with a two columns render



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