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I transferred the rights of this plugin (in April, 2016). Please, follow the links below to visit the official documentation.

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FEEDZY RSS Feeds is a small and lightweight RSS aggregator plugin. Fast and very easy to use, it allows you to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into your WordPress site through fully customizable shortcodes.

The plugin uses the SimplePie CLASS php natively included in WordPress. SimplePie is a RSS parser that can read the information contained in a feed, process it, and finally display it.

FEEDZY RSS Feeds therefore supports any additional library and uses only the bare minimum to ensure good performance (minimalistic CSS + cache).

You may use this plugin in your widgets and your pages and reuse the shortcode several times within the same page.

By activating this plugin, your cover picture will be inserted into your RSS feeds. By doing so, you’ll make it will easier for external sites to retrieve images from your feeds.

Plugin is now using the TinyMCE API to improve UI and makes it easy to insert shortcodes!

Please ask for help or report bugs if anything goes wrong. It is the best way to make the community benefit !

Plugin Capabilities

  • Use the SimplePie CLASS php natively included in WordPress
  • Caching of feeds to reduce page load
  • Can agregate multiple feeds at the same time
  • Multiple shortcode instance
  • Display image in feeds when availalable
  • Default image parameter if no image is found
  • Many shortcode parameters available
  • Responsive design friendly
  • Enqueue scripts & CSS files only when necessary
  • Fully integrated in your theme design
  • Follow WordPress best practices
  • Automaticly insert your cover pictures in your own feed
  • Multilangue support (Fr & En available)
  • Use TinyMCE API to improve shortcode UI


  1. Upload and activate the plugin (or install it through the WP admin console)
  2. Insert shortcodes or widgets !  😉


Shortcode parameters


  • Description : The url of the RSS feed to display. You may use multiple feeds URL separated by commas. The items are displayed in chronological order even if there are several feeds. You might not see the elements of a single stream if the others are older.
  • Format : URL


  • Description : Number of items to display. It may happen that the RSS feeds you want to display has less entries than the number you choose, in which case a maximum number of item will be displayed. Use 0 (zero) to display the maximum available elements.
  • Format : numeric
  • Default : 5


  • Description : Should we display the RSS title ?
  • Format : yes/no
  • Default : yes


  • Description : Links may be opened in the same window or a new tab. See the official doc.
  • Format : _blank/_self/_parent/_top/framename
  • Default : _blank


  • Description : Trim the title of the item after X characters. The title will ends with “…” if it has been cropped.
  • Format : numeric
  • Default : empty


  • Description : Should we display the date of publication and the author name of the retrieved item?
  • Format : yes/no
  • Default : yes


  • Description : Should we display a description (abstract) of the retrieved item?
  • Format : yes/no
  • Default : yes


  • Description : Crop description (summary) of the element after X characters. The title will ends with “…” if it has been cropped.
  • Format : numeric
  • Default : empty


  • Description : Should we display the first image of the content if it is available?
  • Format : yes/no/auto
  • Default : yes


  • Description : Default thumbnail URL if no image is found in the feed or if the fetched image is offline (fallback). Will be used only if thumb parameter is set to yes.
  • Format : URL
  • Défaut : empty


  • Description : If an image is available and is required to display, you may specify its size in pixels. The image is cropped with CSS to be perfectly square. Do not include “px”.
  • Format : numeric
  • Default : 10


  • Description : Only display item if it title contains specific keywords (comma-separated list/case sensitive)
  • Format : text
  • Default : empty

Basic example

[feedzy-rss feeds="https://www.b-website.com/feed"]

Advanced example

[feedzy-rss feeds="https://www.b-website.com/feed,http://www.gumdust.com/feed" max="10" feed_title="yes" target="_blank" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="yes" size="100" default="http://your-site/default-image.jpg" keywords_title="WordPress"]


Shortcode to display this feed is :

[feedzy-rss feeds="https://www.b-website.com/feed" max="5" feed_title="no" target="_blank" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="250" thumb="yes" size="100"]

Shortcode to display this feed is :

[feedzy-rss feeds="https://www.b-website.com/feed" max="5" feed_title="no" target="_blank" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="no"]


  • English
  • French
  • Serbian – Borisa Djuraskovic
  • Japanese – sama55
  • German – ralfsteck
  • Spanish – Angel Calzado

Available Hooks

  • filter: feedzy_feed_items
  • filter: feedzy_item_keyword
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_output
  • filter: feedzy_title_output
  • filter: feedzy_meta_args
  • filter: feedzy_meta_output
  • filter: feedzy_summary_input
  • filter: feedzy_summary_output
  • filter: feedzy_global_output
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_sizes
  • filter : feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
  • filter : feedzy_default_image
  • filter: feedzy_default_error
  • filter: shortcode_atts_feedzy_default
  • native filter: wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime

See examples


Post written byBrice CAPOBIANCO

WordPress addict and self-taught. I love to learn and to create, then to share…
Founder of bweb.
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  1. Greetings… I can not get the right time to display. I checked the settings in General… Los Angeles Time… but matter what updates are off by 7 hours..

    • Oh sorry I figured out the second one was missing http: in the code. But the first one does have it. Here’s my code:

      [feedzy-rss feeds=”https://sgvegan.wordpress.com/feed,www.hungryangmo.com/feeds…format=rss” max=”15″ thumb=”yes” size=”150″ feed_title=”yes” target=”_self” title=”50″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”150″]

  2. Hi, I have a feed with html tag like

    I apply the hook “Do not remove HTML tags from the summary and/or use the item content instead of it description”.
    The entities like › &rsaquo is parsed but in there isn’t the class of the div “read-more”.
    Thanks in advance
    This is the feed:
    This is the web page

  3. Hi!
    Its widget is what I was looking for!!
    I need it to show the external news in my website. Yesterday it works perfectly: Feeds show post pictures, but now no more. The only visible image is the logo. How can i solve this problem?

  4. The widget works fantastic but I’m having problems getting a custom google news feed on the posts. It seems to ignore the “custom” part of the string and displays Top Stories. Any ideas?

  5. Feed is in use at blogit.playsson.net/ (“TIIMIBLOGIT”). We have 14 team bloggers and those feed should be in chronology order. Now they are in separately boxes, should they be in one shortcode? I tried it, but then blogs’ titles didn’t show…

    • Hi Pennie,
      If all the feeds are well constructs and valid RSS feed, it should works within a single shortcode.

  6. Hi!

    This plugin has saved my work, but now I have one problem… I think I might be using shortcode incorrect. I have over ten feeds and they’re working perfectly as they are, but it would BE AMAZING if feeds could organize them selves in chronology order. Newest post top etc. Can you please help me! Thanks!!

    • Hi Pennie,
      This is already how it works! Can you provide a link to your page which is using Feedzy and your differents Feed’s URLs?

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for a great plugin, its awesome! Is there anyway I can display feed items in columns and rows? So, instead of showing 9 items in long list, I would like to show 9 items, 3 in each row in 3 rows. Or 12 items, 6 in each row.



  8. Just installed your plugin and love it! Question – where do you set the cache refresh in the shortcode?

  9. Yes, the !important rule fixes it, but it’s not a very good idea to use that “hack” and I always try to avoid it.
    Maybe you’ll consider adding some flexibility to value properties to your plugin –which is pretty cool, anyway!– in a future update…

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi again,
      Yes, I’m totally agree with you, this is an ugly hack. I don’t like to use !important too.
      I’ll do something on the next release and add a new hook to allow more flexibility on this.

  10. Hi,

    Can we expect a future update where image size can be set in percentage rather than pixel? Or is there a way to do it right away?


    • Hi,
      You can already set image size in % with some CSS.
      Eg :

      .feedzy-rss .rss_item .rss_image,
      .feedzy-rss .rss_item .rss_image span {
      width: 50% !important;
      height: 100px !important;


  11. I’m using the Feedzy widget to add a set of simple text links to external blog posts of a certain category. All works wonderfully. However, I’m noticing that the padding above and below each list item is quite large and I’d like to reduce it. When I inspect the page, I see that the padding is inline, apparently generated somewhere in the plug-in code. How would you recommend I restyle the spacing between the list items? Should I alter your code in some fashion?

    Thanks. The plugin is great!
    Sorry, but my french is too feeble to ask the above in your native tongue..

    • Hi Roy,
      You can overload the padding style with some extra CSS like that :
      .feedzy-rss .rss_item {
      padding: 0 !important;

      Or more convenient, juste remove the filter which add the padding regarding the thumbnails size. You have to past this line in your functions.php file :

      remove_filter( 'feedzy_item_attributes', 'feedzy_add_item_padding', 10, 2 );

      PS: Do not forget to empty your browser cache after doing the above changes 😉


  12. Thanks for a great plug in. I am just getting a big gap next to my images, below the title next, like the rest of the text isn’t wrapping around the image. Can this be changed in the plug in code or would it be an issue from my wordpress theme or the RSS feed itself?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Michelle,
      It’s related to your theme CSS.
      You should do something like that to prevent the title to be to high:
      .feedzy-rss .title {
      height: auto;


    • Hello. One more question. There are a few feeds that don’t seem to be working for me. I get this message “Sorry, this feed is currently unavailable or does not exists anymore” when using this code: [feedzy-rss feeds=“http://pcvgambia.tumblr.com" max="6" feed_title="no" target="_blank" title="50" meta="no" summary="yes" summarylength="50" thumb="yes" default="http://www.bloggingabroad.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Thumbnail-Default.png" size="75"]
      I have also tried it with the url pcvgambia.tumblr.com/feed
      I get the same error message with journeytothephilippines.wordpress.com/feed using the same parameters, although other feeds work fine.
      Do you know what could be going on?
      Thanks again for your time!

    • Hi,
      It works for me. The reason why it didn’t when you had wrote this comment is because you have to wait at least 12h for the feed’s cache rebuild.

  13. Hey there,

    just one question: the feed doesn’t update anymore since end of August. Do you have any idea why and what to fix? Thanks a lot!

  14. Hi Brice, this is a good plugin for rss feeds but the filter for keywords searches only the title. I wish to also search the body of the text for my keywords. Would that be possible?

    • Hi,
      Please, visite this page and search for Display item if it content contains specific keywords.
      You have to past this function un your functions.php file and edit the keywords list.

  15. In codex there is block of “Categories and tags”, so I can use a link to my category – made-in-uman.in.ua/categ…sy-ukraina , but i need to add ‘feed’ in the end to have www.example.com/category/categoryname/feed – I did it and after opening in browser there is no images. So what can I try to make the feed able to display them? Thanks.

  16. I tried to add site url of latest posts, and feedzy displayed a feed from site, but to create feed I need to use some rss service?

  17. This plugin is so simple and great looking! But I have some issue with thumbnails, I’ve setted to 60 px and “yes” to show thumbs but widget shows only default image. I will be very grateful for a hint. Thanks.

    • Hi Max,
      If your feed doesn’t contain any image, it won’t be able to display them.
      To make sure of that, just open the feed itself and search for jpg or png files.

  18. Hi Brice, greet feedhandler. but..I cannot possibly add a default image om the feed by the statement […… default=” ……/jpg” It is blocking the whole output of the feedhandler while it should display a default image to the post. PLease can you help / explain the value for adding a default image please..Thanks in advance and best regards Paul

    • Hi Paul,
      I don’t know what’s your problem… it works great for me.
      Eg: [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/designmodo” default=”https://www.b-website.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/disable-post-formats-b-web.jpg” ]

  19. This plugin is great and does exactly what I’m looking for. Unfortunately it seems to have a conflict with a couple of other widgets I am using “masonry grid” and “posts slider” (Visual composer plugins) and stops them working whenever it is active. On the page with the posts slider I get the error “TypeError: $(…).live is not a function
    Line 9″

  20. i was wondering if there was a way to make this plugin just display one story from each feed instead of the let’s say 5 most recent from all feeds.

    • Hi Greg,
      This is not possible with a single shortcode but, you can easily achieve this with a shortcode for each feed.

  21. Hi Brice.
    Awesome plugin: so simple and so powerful! I’m wondering if you’re planning to add a feature to make feeds sliding or fading, so that it will be possible to occupy the same place to the widget (i.e. setting to show only one feed at a time). Think should be perfect with that feature too 😉 Thank you so much

  22. Hi, with the wordpress version 4.3 I get this
    Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct()
    Best regards

  23. Hi,

    Working up to redoing my site (www.DriveMex.com) with WordPress. One of the many things I would like to do is include some very specific information from an RSS feed but for some reason your plugin does not work with this feed. Interestingly is I use the RSS widget in WordPress and put it in the margin, it works, or well mostly! That being said, my goal is to add the feed information into the body of the page with short codes.

    I have tested that I installed the plugin correctly and in fact tested it with your sample feed and that works fine. Or at least on first glance it looks fine.

    Url I am trying to use for one of the RSS feeds (one of many) from this source is:


    also tried:


    I get this message:

    Sorry, this feed is currently unavailable or does not exists anymore.

    This is entry wait times at the US border for people entering the US from Mexico. I got this link from the following page and its related pages:

    bwt.cbp.gov/index.html then


    then they say both following links will should work for an RSS feed


    then from link that is supposed to be for Rss feed


    But error as above.

    I think their RSS feed data format is not fully RSS format compliant but would have thought there must be a way to get it working.

    Just tried the two URLs in your sidebar widget and the 1st address works in the same way as the built-in WP RSS feed widget does. So part of the issue must be related to some difference in how the shortcode works and the widget works. Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Thanks for your help.

  24. This plugin looks perfect, but when I installed, I am getting the same error as the first commenter – ” ./cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable. in” Any new ideas about this?

  25. Hi,
    We are using the plugin (Great Plugin!) to display upcoming events on our home page. For some reason it looks like the feed isn’t grabbing the events in order.For example the next upcoming event is 6/10 and the one after is in December. There are many events between- is that something that can be fixed with the plugin or does that have to do with where the plugin is pulling the data? Thanks!

  26. Hi,
    great Plugin, many thanks.

    But…can i sort the result by name??
    Actually is the sort by date…but i need sort by name….is this possible?


    • OK thanks
      But the hook affects then made globally. I can not determine whether each feed will be sorted by date or name.

    • Actually it doesn’t because you have a dedicated condition inside the provided function.
      You just have to replace the feed url within the following condition to only affect the feed you want:
      if( 'https://www.b-website.com/feed' == $feedURL ) {
      If you want to affect more than one feed, just use an array instead of a simple string.

  27. Hi, great plugin. Is it possible to update the feeds via cron? I’d like to use it with lots of feeds. Thanks

    • Are feeds updated only every 12 hours? Any way to change that? I hope it is possible as your plugin is already nearly perfect and the best one I found. Using cron reduces the side- and server-load, it updates the feeds in the backgound, it helps when you are using lots of feeds, around 100 in my case. Thanks!

  28. Thanks Brice.
    It was the other plugin that mess up the whole stuff.
    Now everything is live and working perfect.
    well done you are the best. cheers!

  29. Thanks for your time.
    I did not install any security plugin but another plugin for rss feed to post (RSS MULTI IMPORTER) to precise

  30. Hi
    I have been enjoying this plugin on my website/blog but encountered this problem. Warning: ./cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable. in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1429 how do i fix this. thanks

    • Hi,
      Did you recently installed a “security plugin”. If yes, that’s mostly the reason. Disable it or change the related option and it should works again.

  31. Hi,

    We have installed the plugin and it is working great. The only problem we are facing is that the thumbnail image is not coming in the description but there is a seperate node which has been created in the rss. How can we show such a thumbnail?

  32. Aaah…. sorry I’m an idiot! Refresh the browser… Doh! Thanks Brice it works perfectly. Sorry to have bothered you. So now it’s just a brilliant plugin and a classic case of user error. Cheers, Patrick

  33. I just updated the plugin and now it is pulling in the fallback thumbnail as well as the article image…

    Thanks for a great plugin though. It’s a great option. I might have to revert to the old version.

    • When you update a plugin from the repo, you have to flush your browser + wordpress cache (and minify) to make sure everithing is OK.
      You don’t need to go back to an old version. Believe me, try using Ctrl + R and it will work.

  34. Hi Brice,

    I used your plugin before on other site which was hosted on Public server and it worked fine. But this time, I am in process of building a new corporate website using VPS(Private Server) hosting. Every time, I use short-code for RSS feed it crashes my site after sometime and I get “Error establishing a database connection” msg. But when I delete it(shortcode) then website comes back. Here’s the full Error Message I get:-
    Error establishing a database connection
    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host’s database server is down.

    Are you sure you have the correct username and password?
    Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
    Are you sure that the database server is running?

    Short Code

    [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://www.c2essentials.com/hr-blog/” max=”5″ feed_title=”no” target=”_blank” meta=”yes” thumb=”yes” default=”http://www.c2essentials.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/image_unavilabe.png” size=”110″ ]

    I hope you can help !!


    • I Narr,
      This is really strange. I have never heard about this kind of error. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you.

    • Resolved:

      Hi Brice,
      I just want to let you know that my issue is now resolved.
      What was happening actually ? – I am using Godaddy virtual private server (VPS) and all files are on Localhost and website is not live yet. I was using blog page url in the plugin (That was crashing the website when ever plugin tried to update feeds from the give local-host url). I found out in php log file ‘incorrect mime type’ error and changed the URL.

      Now I am using internal rss.xml file link and it works like charm 🙂

      Thanks for getting back to me . I am giving 5 out of 5 to your work. 🙂

  35. Hey, me again. One more thing: the loading time of my page seems to be quite very long – not matter if I am fetching 10 or 80 feeds. Do you think there is a way to make it faster? Link again: lauf-blogger.de

    Thx in advance…

    • Hi, there is two main reasons the plugin could affect you page loading time :

      • you hooked the lifetime caching function to completely avoid the cache.
      • the targeted feeds have very large images instead of optimized thumbnails. I think this is the cause.

      In your case, because thumbnails are heavy images, I would probably turn off the the features image option within the shortcode.
      As a reminder, the page would load a beat longer every 12 hours, but if you reload it directly, it will uses the cached feed whereas the distant feed.

  36. if “MAX” is set to the default of 5. Is there anyway to add a page button at the bottom to show more previous posts still in groups of 5?

    • There is always a way, but not without extra dev. So, this is currently not possible and I don’t think it will except if someone push a solution 🙂 sorry

  37. When refeeding a published feed, the time of the post shows as the post time + 4 hours. Is there anyway to change the timezone?

  38. Like a similar plugin have this function, the detail as follow:

    ShortCode: [rssinpage rssfeed=’feedURL’ rssitems=’15’ rssorder=’asc’ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssdateformat=’j F Y’ rsscss=’myclassname’ rssformat=’x: y – z’]

    You can embed the plugin into your theme using the following code snippet:

    echo rssinpage($atts);

    You can add any of the optional attributes to the array.

    Can your plugin do this? thanks


    shortcode […]to code:
    echo rssinpage($atts);

    Like this code format,thanks


    that means shortcode to php code

    • Please stop flooding the comment section! Thx
      As for ALL shortcodes functions you have to find the function attached to a it with the hook add_shortcode
      If you open the plugin’s files, you’ll find the answere in a minute… github.com/wp-pl…de.php#L13

  39. Hi,Brice, thanks for your plugin. how to embed the plugin into theme using the code snippet,thanks for your great work.

    • Hi,
      Sorry but I don’t understand what you need.
      Can you give me an example of what you wants to achieve?

  40. I have taken a feed from livemtn.tumblr.com and put it in my dev site, which worked with the first test post, then I added 2 more (so have 3 posts in total) and the others are now not updating to the feed, it still only displays the first post I made.

    Any ideas?

    livemtn.tumblr.com/rss is the feed I am using

    • Thanks for the function code.

      While I “understand” a little of it,

      I can’t see where it should be I put it.

      Is it one of the php docs in the plugin folder?

      Sorry to be a pain

    • No problem,
      You have to paste (and edit a bit) the provided hooks functions within your (child) theme functions.php

  41. Actually it seems to be this one, which is listing comments in my feed: eiswuerfelimschuh.wordpress.com


  42. Hello Brice,

    perhaps you can help: is there a way to exclude comment-rss from the feed? I am fetching multiple feeds from running blogs, and some even list comments now for any reason… Thanks for help!

  43. ‘sorry.. The message is still here :
    Warning: ./cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable. in /homepages/27/d447531630/htdocs/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1429

    It’s not a question of “target”

  44. Warning: ./cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable. in …./wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1429

    • OK. I found out… This message in prompting because _self target was “on”… If I put the target to “_blank” so the error message is going out ! Hop this will helop. Youir widget is great. Carrie on !

  45. I am using your plugin for two feeds. The plugin is supposed to show 10 and 6 items respectively. It all works well for a while. At some point fewer and fewer feed items will be displayed (if I go to the feed URL there are many more items ….). I incorporated your refresh advice from an earlier question but it does not change anything.

    function feedzy_cache_duration( $feedCacheDuration, $feedURL ) {
    if( 'https://www.b-website.com/feed' == $feedURL )
    return 60*5; //5 minutes

    return $feedCacheDuration;
    add_filter('wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', 'feedzy_cache_duration', 10, 2);

    Here are the feed URLs I am using:



    Thanks much for all your help!

  46. How do I remove “wp-content/plugins/feedzy-rss-feeds/img/feedzy-default.jpg” from the widget? It is displaying behind images with transparent background.

    • Hi,
      You can replace the default thumbnail by a transparent base 64 encoded image (1px) like so : 

  47. I love this plugin and your Q&A response time seems amazing – well done!
    As I am not very technical, I managed to locate my functions.php (child theme) and have a quick questions about your advice for the following in order to refresh feeds more frequently:

    function feedzy_cache_duration( $feedCacheDuration, $feedURL ) {
    if( ‘www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/feeds…/index.xml‘ == $feedURL )
    return 60*5; //5 minutes

    return $feedCacheDuration;
    add_filter(‘wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime’, ‘feedzy_cache_duration’, 10, 2);

    In your (above) example – do I need to repeat this x4 times, inserting the feed URL for each of the 4 RSS sources I pull feeds in from? Or is there a “catch all” coding solution that could effect all feeds (ideally)?

    May I reiterate everyone else’s comments on a fantastic plugin. Well done indeed Brice! 10/10
    Sorry for this VERY basic question!

  48. How can I adjust the display of the rss feed? I want to reduce the amount of space between each post and remove this light horizontal line that displays between each post.

  49. Hello thank you very much for this outstanding plugin. i am using this plugin but is there any option for pagination of the feed?

  50. Hi, I placed the function into the plugin functions.php and the css but the display is still vertical (up to down) rather than horizontal (left to right) Can i have the results side by side? Many thanks

  51. Hello Brice,

    The author tag is there in my RSS feed. You can see it here: www.rssmix.com/u/8132812/rss.xml

    If that doesn’t work, is it possible to have the date and author separated? I really want to use your plugin, but right now it always shows:

    Posted by on April 25, 2015.

    Kind regards.

    • Ah, you’re right.
      Didn’t notice that there was “Posted by on…” which mean Feedzy detect the author in the feed. That’s strange by the way because it detect the author meta but doesn’t display it. I’ll take a look a this asap.

  52. Thank you for the wonderful plugin! Quick question – authors are not displaying for me. For example, I get:

    Posted by on April 25, 2015.

    Here’s my code:

    [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://www.rssmix.com/u/8132812/rss.xml” max=”100″ feed_title=”no” target=”_blank” title=”50″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”300″ thumb=”no” size=”100″]

    Thank you!
    Kind regards.

  53. Hi,
    can I ask you this again?


    I used the code you provided to “take off” the “Related Articles”. Would it also be possible to take off the entire article title that comes just after “Related Articles”. The title is actually a repeat of the feed item title (the link above on the website). I would like to prevent this repetition, however, I would need for the publication and date to remain.

    To illustrate I copied the 2nd feed item on the left side of website:

    Mcm2-7 is an Active Player in the DNA Replication Checkpoint Signaling Cascade via Proposed Modulation of its DNA Gate.

    Mcm2-7 is an Active Player in the DNA Replication Checkpoint Signaling Cascade via Proposed Modulation of its DNA Gate. Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Apr 13; Authors: Tsai FL, […]

    So, Mol Cell Biol…. would need to remain. However, the “Mcm2-7 is an Active Player” just before it is just a repeat of the title above.

    Here are the feed URLs again:



    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks again

    • Hi Jana,
      Sorry, I missed your last comment.
      I’m okay to answer questions related to Feedzy support, but your question needs a bite more time than a simple answer. It requieres work.
      I’m sorry but, I can’t work for free, I’ve not enought time to do that.
      I’m a freelancer, so if you need this to be done quickly, contact me trought my contact page.
      Hope you understand…

    • Hi,
      Feedzy is an RSS parser, not an online application like Feedly. Feedly can open webpage and fetch thumbnail if they are not included directly in the feed. There is no thumbnails in your feed, that’s why Feedzy can’t fetch them.

  54. Hi,

    I used the code you provided to “take off” the “Related Articles”. Would it also be possible to take off the entire article title that comes just after “Related Articles”. The title is actually a repeat of the feed item title (the link above on the website). I would like to prevent this repetition, however, I would need for the publication and date to remain.

    To illustrate I copied the 2nd feed item on the left side of website:

    Mcm2-7 is an Active Player in the DNA Replication Checkpoint Signaling Cascade via Proposed Modulation of its DNA Gate.

    Mcm2-7 is an Active Player in the DNA Replication Checkpoint Signaling Cascade via Proposed Modulation of its DNA Gate. Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Apr 13; Authors: Tsai FL, […]

    So, Mol Cell Biol…. would need to remain. However, the “Mcm2-7 is an Active Player” just before it is just a repeat of the title above.

    Here are the feed URLs again:



    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks again

  55. Thanks for looking into this.

    Re Removing “Related Articles”: Where do I need to add this code? Which file does it affect and do you suggest making those changes in my child theme (rather than on original…)? Thanks again.

    • Yes, you have to past the above function in your child theme (in functions.php for example).
      It is always a best practice to never edit the original theme or plugin files 🙂
      Good luck!

    • Hi jana,
      Since your feeds are really badly formated (sorry…), it is really hard to output something clean. In fact, there is no author’s meta, no date’s meta…the description is full of HTML… So I can’t do anything for exept removing “Related Articles” from the begining of the description.

      function bweb_feedzy_remove_related_article( $content ) {
      $toRemove = 'Related Articles';
      $content = preg_replace('/^' . preg_quote($toRemove, '/') . '/', '', $content);
      return $content;
      add_filter( 'feedzy_summary_input', 'bweb_feedzy_remove_related_article', 9 );

      I suggest you to hide the meta line by adding the meta=”no” within the shortcode.
      [feedzy-rss feeds="your feed URL" feed_title="no" target="_blank" meta="no" thumb="no" summarylength="250"]


  56. Hi, thank you so much for the great plugin.
    My question concerns the “Related Articles” that precedes the rss_content (class rss_content). Is there a way to get rid of the words “Related Articles”.
    In addition, the meta data (publication time and author) is not working correctly. Any ideas on how to fix this?
    Thank you!

  57. Hi Brice, Love this plugin! One question, how can i change the spaces betweeen 2 feed outputs ? (the underline after each feed)

    • Hi Irfan,
      You should use this selector .feedzy-rss .rss_item.

      .feedzy-rss .rss_item {
      margin: 20px 0;


      .feedzy-rss .rss_item {
      padding: 0 !important;

    • Thnx. works perfectly. I have noticed that the thumbs are not showing if the feed image has a “%” character inside the thumbs name, like: 71508051-anod%20apps2.jpg (look here feeds.tv2.dk/beep_seneste/rss )

      Is it only my ore some one else have the problem too ?

    • Hi Irfan,
      Glad to hear it helps.
      You’re right, there is an issue when there is a space in the file URL. I need to add an URLencode 🙂
      Thanks for reporting.
      I’ll fix this ASAP.

    • This has been fixed in 2.4.2.
      The “Add a read more link” function works out of the box

      function bweb_feedzy_readmore( $content, $link, $feedURL ) {
      $content = str_replace( '[…]', '' . __('Read more', 'yourTextDomain') . ' →', $content );
      return $content;
      add_filter( 'feedzy_summary_output', 'bweb_feedzy_readmore', 9, 3 );

    • I can’t get the above hook to work, and neither is my old hook from 2.4.0 working ? It’s like string replace is totally ignored in v2.4.2, please help..

      function bweb_feedzy_readmore( $content, $link, $feedURL ) {
      $content = str_replace( ‘[…]’, ‘‘ . __(‘…more‘, ‘yourTextDomain’) . ‘»‘, $content );
      return $content;
      add_filter( ‘feedzy_summary_output’, ‘bweb_feedzy_readmore’, 9, 3 );

    • Solved problem with the Hooks: opened “feedzy-rss-feeds-shortcode.php” and saved again as UTF-8 and all my hooks are working again. Thanks for a nice script 🙂

    • I juste update the plugin with some minor improvements + UTF8 encoding.
      Thanks for pointing on this.

  58. Hi, Great Plugin! Two questions. First, I can’t seem to get any pictures from the feeds to display. Second is there any way to exclude posts if the title contains a certain key word? Thanks, Ken

    • Hi Ken,
      Actually I can’t help you if I don’t have your feed URL. You can use the feedzy_feed_items filter to exclude feed’s item with a specific keyword.

  59. Hello,
    i have some concerns regarding caching… since the plugin uses standard wordpress cache.
    if a user is logged in the plugin will always try to retrieve new feed items?
    (i use w3tc and i have set that logged in users don’t see cached page)
    thanks in advance

    • Hi,
      Actually, the plugin is using the transients caching method. This mean it is using a database temporary storing methode to quickly retrieve the feed’s content. So in the case users are logged in or not, it will check the DB first, then directly the feed if the row does not exist in the DB. Hope I’m clear :p

  60. Hi Brice,

    I really like Feedzy. I have a quick question. I removed “Posted” from the date, but I can’t find where to look for “on” and “at”. I just want the date to show.

    • Hi Herbert,
      I’m sorry but there is no way for the moment to achieve this. Maybe in a future release.

  61. Hello,
    Interesting and works like a charm.
    I was wondering if there is a way to keep the feeds in my database, for example, the feeds that are not older than 3 months, and also, if it’s possible to open the links in a lightbox ????

    • Hi Dominique,
      I’m sorry but this is not possible, and it is not the direction I want to take with Feedzy. Opening a link in a lightbox isn’t possible (or a good idea). Actually it depend of the server/page configuration (cross domain origin, etc.), but this is mostly a problem of performance (bad UX)…

  62. Just for curiosity, what is the bug?
    And when it will appear the new version? hehe (no pressure).
    Thanks a lot! I think many schools will want to use this plugin to get together the writing and social media groups of all the students!! I’ll write a “how to” when I got to do mine! Félicitations

  63. Thanks Brice for such a lovely plugin. I have deployed it on my website www.sahodar.in and the feed that I want to capture is available at sahodar.in/standup-upd . The shortcode that I am using is [feedzy-rss feeds=”https://standupforacause.wordpress.com/feed/” max=”20″ feed_title=”yes” thumb=”yes” size=”180″ ]. The problem is that it is not getting images from the feed. Please advise.

    • Hi,
      I think you have a problem with you theme. It works for me.
      Feedzy stylsheet is not loaded on your site, please purge your minify + cache!

    • Thanks for a quick response.

      I have tried purging minify and all other caches and it still does not work. I can go ahead and add the feedzy CSS to my theme’s stylesheet if you suggest so. Please provide the CSS so that I can go ahead add it there.

    • Thanks for your suggestion I copied over the css from the plugin and added it to the theme’s css and it is working fine now 🙂

      Its a great plugin 🙂

  64. Hi Brice, and thanks for this great plug in!
    I have a question, I’m trying to add the blogs of my classmates in one site.


    I have created a list, with commas, but it just displays 4 posts (they should be more!)
    The second list is an example of a post’s with the default example.

    I copy paste the code we are using right now. thanks

    Thanks in advanced for your help webdocc.byethost22.com/wordpress2/
    [feedzy-rss feeds="http://www.tanyacampbell.org/category/the-quantified-self-about-town/feed,http://medium.com/feed/@webDOCC,http://vr00n.weebly.com/1/feed,http://www.dimasrinarso.com/blog/feed,http://kaniaazrina.com/category/qsat/feed,http://www.willjfield.com/feed" max="30" feed_title="yes" target="_blank" title=20" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="50" thumb="yes"]

    [feedzy-rss feeds="https://www.b-website.com/feed" max="30" ]

  65. Salutations de NYC. How do you add a favicon new the feed title. echo $feed->get_favicon(); does not work. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Paul,
      You can’t use $feed->get_favicon(); out of the context.
      I’m sorry, but this feature is currently not available because only a few feeds have a favicon.

  66. That did not work for me, however this did. Thank you for your quick response and excellent support. I will be rating the plug-in 5 stars today!.feedzy-rss .rss_header h2 {
    font-size: 20.5px !important;

  67. I have, but I did try again, just in case I missed something. I am still not having any luck overriding the h2. I would just turn off the title, but Yahoo Finance will not feed if I do.
    Here is what I have added:
    .feedzy-rss .rss_header {
    font-size: 20.5px !important;

    Yahoo! Finance: AAP News

    Latest Financial News for Advance Auto Parts Inc …

  68. First of all, thank you for this plug-in. It is exactly what I desired. I do need a bit of assistance with the header size. I have tried adding a bit of .css to change the rss_header styling without success. It appears as no matter what I do the h2 overrides my styling. Any suggestions?

    Yahoo! Finance: AAP News

    Latest Financial News for Advance Auto Parts Inc …

    Thank you in advance!

  69. Brice,

    That did the trick. Thanks again for creating a slick plugin and for being so responsive with support.

  70. Thank you for the quick response, Brice.

    The feed URL: highsierratopix.com/commu…ics_active
    The shortcode:

    [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://highsierratopix.com/community/feed.php?mode=topics_active” feed_title=”no” max=”5″ summary=”yes” summarylength=”220″ thumb=”yes” size=”150″ default=”http://highsierratopix.com/wp_test/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/sketch_rss_icon.jpg”]

    So to clarify, rather than fetching the thumb from the thread/post I’d like it to instead always fetch “sketch_rss_icon.jpg”. Alternatively, if there was a way that it would not fetch images below a certain pixel size that would be fantastic.


    • Hi again,
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to fetch images depending of there size for performance reason.
      For your request, I suggest to use CSS
      .feedzy-rss .rss_item .rss_image span {
      background-image: url(http://highsierratopix.com/wp_test/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/sketch_rss_icon.jpg) !important;

      Cheers 😉

  71. Hi Eric,
    Can you provide the feed url so I can take a look ? What is the default icon you are talking about ?

  72. Brice – fantastic plugin, thank you!

    I’m wondering if there’s a way to grab the default icon and ignore the first image in a post? The issue I’m running into is that the feed I want to run is a phpBB forum and it keeps grabbing emoticons.


  73. Do you know why I’m getting the CSS tags on the rss_content?
    [Devotions] Passage for 1/30
    Posted by Eric on January 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm
    .sup { font-size: 0.65em; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: text-top; } Exodus 4:1 – 4:9 | NIV | ESV Moses was hesitant to obey his calling because of his limitations, […]

    Here is my settings:
    [feedzy-rss feeds=”http://myfeedURL” max=”15″ feed_title=”yes” target=”_blank” title=”29″ meta=”yes” summary=”yes” summarylength=”200″ thumb=”no” ]

  74. Hello Brice, thank you for the great plugin. Is it possible to start displaying the RSS feed from the 2nd item instead of the 1st? Our feed has descriptive site-based information as the 1st item in the feed and I would prefer to not include that on the page.

    • Hi Darlene,
      I’m not sure if I’ve well understand your request, but I think that the easiest way to achieve this is to use CSS.
      You can add something like this to your theme’s CSS file :

      .postid-2930 .feedzy-rss .rss_item:first-child {
      display: none;

      Don’t forget to edit the .postid-2930 class with the page’s ID where the feed is displayed or simply remove it if you use Feedzy only one time on your site.

  75. Hello Brice,

    Great plugin, simple and effective. I have one feature request though: currently you sanitise the output of the plugin removing any html tags from the content with the strip_tags PHP function (e.g. feedzy-rss-feeds-shortcode.php, line 285 and feedzy-rss-feeds-widget.php in many places).

    Can you please set a parameter to bypass this? I need the content to follow the formatting of the original RSS, as it contains line breaks for readability.

    At the moment I have patched your code at line 285 in feedzy-rss-feeds-shortcode.php from
    $description = trim(strip_tags($item->get_description()));
    $description = trim($item->get_description());

    I know it’s a security hole, as a malicious feed could create havoc, but for those that know a little bit it might help.

    By the way, the hooks are MAGIC. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your request, it helps to improve the plugin 🙂
      I’ve juste released a new version (v2.2) of the plugin which includes a new hook: feedzy_summary_input
      Please follow the hooks documentation for examples.

    • Hi Sawan,
      You should NEVER edit a plugin file/function!
      I can’t see any error on your web site at this time.
      If you want to remove links, there is some hooks available here.

  76. Hi, Thank you Brice I got it 😉 You might not know of any plugin that can help me out in making my RSS feed valid for sites like bloglovin etc? Thanks

    • Glad to hear that!
      I don’t know bloglovin, I personally use Cloud Feedly, but it seems to be the same king of agregator.
      Your RSS feed is already valid but can be improved.
      PS: I see the feed in your sidebar, I think that defining the thumb size to 80 should looks better 😉

  77. Still struggling with this. I have installed and activated the plug-in (and it’s recent update) but, when I go to my page, I don’t have the red button/feedzy icon on the top of my visual editor.

    • Erin,
      I can’t help you. The button uses the native WordPress text editor API (TinyMCE), so there is no reason it doesn’t work.
      Did you change de the default WYSIWYG? Are you sure your rich text editor is on the “Visual” tab and not the “Full text” one?

  78. HI! This seems great unfortunately Im a beginner to this and doesn’t understand when you write “insert shortcode”.. Where do I find this? I have installed and activate the plugin but don’t know where to go from here..
    Thank you!

    // Jessica

    • Hi Jessica,
      Once plugin is installed you have two choice :

      1. If you want to display the feed in your pages/posts content, edit an existing post create a new one, then on the top bar of the visual editor you will see a new red button – I have added a screenshot above, I think it was the missing step 😉 – then click on it and fill in the requiered/optionnal fields
      2. If you want to add a feed in the sidebar, go to your widget section and you’ll see a new available widget (Feedzy Wigdet), add it to the right sidebar section then fill in the requiered/optionnal fields


  79. I do not understand where to locate the plugin once it is installed and activated. The documentation shows the form fields, and how to fill them out, but not how to get to the form in the first place.

    • Hi Erin,
      There is no administration page for this plugin. You can access the form fields directly from the visual editor (the WYSIWYG) by clicking on the feedzy icon. You can also use the widget (which also includes a form) in your sidebar.

  80. Feedzy is not displaying the image from the blog. I am showing a custom default image. The blog is 108daysofpractice.com Can you help?

  81. Sorry I’m not good at this sort of thing. If I want the content to refresh every 5 minutes, where would I need to put that code?
    function feedzy_cache_duration( $feedCacheDuration, $feedURL ) {
    if( 'https://www.b-website.com/feed' == $feedURL )
    return 60*5; //5 minutes

    return $feedCacheDuration;
    add_filter('wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', 'feedzy_cache_duration', 10, 2);

    • You have to past something like this in your theme functions.php file :

      function feedzy_cache_duration( $feedCacheDuration, $feedURL ) {
      if( 'http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/feeds/verticals/uk/index.xml' == $feedURL )
      return 60*5; //5 minutes

      return $feedCacheDuration;
      add_filter('wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', 'feedzy_cache_duration', 10, 2);

  82. Hi there,

    I was wondering if there was a way go reduce the frequency that the feed updates. The feed looks great, but only updates once every couple of hours. I was hoping to get the feed to update every 5 or 10 minutes, is this possible?

  83. Merci !!!! il est bien ce plug in. Pratique.
    Un dernier petit truc, je ne sais pas si c’est possible de conserver les archives des flux rss et de paginer donc les flux, en mettant les plus récents en premier. De telle sorte que même si le flux est supprimé sur le site d’origine, ils restent quand même sur mon site et ne sont pas effacés.

  84. Bonjour

    Y a t-il moyen de supprimer le lien des feeds ?

    Egalement de supprimer le […] car j’en ai pas besoin.



  85. I’m getting this error when I use your plugin shortcode. The feeds still display on page, but this error stays at the top of the page. How do I get rid of the error? Otherwise I cannot use your plugin (which looks great!)

    Warning: ./cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable. in /home/dmvgam5/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1429

    • Hi Greg,
      I can’t reproduce this error. Actually, the cache is not using filesystem but WordPress transient. So there is no reason that the plugin tried to store it cache in the ./cache directory.
      If you can provide more informations about your Wp installation, I’ll can probably help you. Did you modify WordPress Core? Have you another feed plugin or function which can overide something? Is your WP debug turning on?